The “Georgia Invest Market” Company was established in 2012. In the beginning of its activities, the Company was executing the orders in field of analytical researches of the real estate market; it was also participating in a queue of projects in Georgia, particularly in Batumi- the Black Sea resort city, as a marketing consultant.

Nowadays the main fields of the Company’s activities are the following:

  • Construction of residential and commercial buildings,
  • Realtor activities,
  • Investment projects,
  • Legal support of the transactions,
  • Consulting

The regime of favorable taxation in Georgia, the free economic zones, the gambling business zones and the geographical location entail the production development, the warehousing and banking businesses, it positively affects the appearance of new job vacancies, it favorably affects the incomes of the population, attracts new workforces and the foreign specialists to the cities and promotes the active development of the real estate market, of the city-retail and tourism.

Georgia is one of the most perspective markets for the investments for the coming decade. The real estate purchases in Georgia nowadays are of the profitable transactions: the average prices on Georgia’s real estate market are 650- 950 $/m2. The prices for the apartments in under construction buildings in Georgia are approximately 350-800 $/m2, and by the time of completion of the construction the prices reach up to 1000-1500$/m2. The prices in an elite segment- 2000-2500 $/m2. These factors point to the positive dynamics of an increase of the demand and to the high level of the liquidity of real estate in Georgia. The most profitable options, from the point of view of the investments, is a purchase of the land plots, of the residential and commercial buidings.

The government of Georgia strives to improve the investments’ climate in the country. Nowadays in Georgia, thanks to the decisive steps, there is more favorable environment for the foreign investors, individuals and legal entities, rather than for the local population. It is easier for the foreigner to purchase a real estate in Georgia than in other countries. The investments are protected by the existing legislation. The foreigners do not need to point on the sources of their income, which is necessary for the citizens of Georgia. The demand for the real estate in Georgia is increasing every year. The foreign investors show more interest in buying a property in Georgia. The level of the index of economic freedom of Georgia was ranked as 21st among 185 countries over the world. In real, it is difficult to find more convenient and profitable terms for a property purchase in the resort region.

The stable partnership with the largest investment companies and the developers reveals the reputation of our Company. The innovative approach, the professional attitude to work have strengthened our positions and brought the Company to the international level. At this moment, our organization is a partner of the largest developers in the city of Batumi, and is actively developing the market of sales and real estate rent. Our company also offers you to participate in the investment projects. Thanks to a team of young and talented employees, the company took a leading position on the market in a short period of time.

In our database, you can choose apartments, flats, commercial real estate and purchase them at the prices of the builders. You can also receive a qualified consultation and guaranteed legal support of the transaction. 

We offer%

  • Apartments in new builds in Batumi, Georgia
  • Flats for sale in Batumi, Georgia
  • Cottages & villas for sale in Batumi, Georgia
  • Commerces for sale & for rent in Batumi, Georgia
  • Plots for sale in Batumi, Georgia

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