The advantages of the cooperation with the GIM Company

The GIM Company with a great care treatsitscustomers and the objects that are placed in its own database. Company employees are closely watching all the newly built facilities, evaluates the progress of construction works in terms of quality and timing of the construction, makes conclusions about the course of fundingin relation with the intensity of the construction.

The company has signed contractswith themain realtor developers, which allow it to have exclusive conditions and to offer the estate at the builders’ prices and in some cases the pricescan be lower. The constant contacts with the developers allow you to virtually have a full information about each object, which allows the customer (buyer) to choose the desired parameters for the estate - number of floors, time of putting the building into operation, an environment appropriate infrastructure, knowledge of development planning of the surrounding area. In the database of the GIM Company, you will find only the already built facilities or the facilities under construction considering all the quality standards.

The company, by the prior arrangement of the arrival of the Buyer, provides a free shuttle to the airport and tran

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